With the denture experts of Omae Dental Office,
enjoy the safest possible treatment

1.First Consultation Fees

38,000 JPY (payment by credit card possible)

Counseling, oral examination, CT scan, intraoral photography Description of the results and provision of information, discussion about treatment options
Time required: 3hour
・For patients physically unable to do the 2H30MIN procedure in one shot, we can separate the 60 MIN examination and the 90 MIN consultation between two days.
At Omae Dental Office, first-time consultation refers to the oral examination and following discussion prior to considering treatment.
Before making any decision about treatment, we strongly encourage you to go through the first consultation first.
To book a consultation. Please call us at

The Office Director can be reached directly at mail or by clicking on this Contact Us mail form.
Please note however it does not mean that the denture will be made right after the consultation.
The consultation is primarily meant to provide you with all relevant information about your teeth and mouth status, therefore, feel free to come for a first consultation at any time.

First consultation application form
Upon downloading the first consultation application form, kind fill it and send it back to us. If in a hurry, please send it by fax.
For patients without a printer or fax, kindly give us a call.
Please click here to download the first consultation application form.


I, Dr. Omae, will personally listen to the patients’ worries, requirements and wishes.
Since each counseling room is completely private, you are invited to express yourself freely.
Moreover, at the very beginning of the consultation, I will also be available to answer various questions.
(Time required: 15-30MIN)

2.Oral examination

Here we examine the mouth in details. However, it is not a painful examination.
Among other things, we will also analyze your current denture during this process.
(Time required: 15-30MIN)

3.CT scan

Using a dedicated dental CT scanner, we take pictures of the patient’s upper and lower jaws. The scanner currently used at Omae Dental Office shoots at an incredible 0.292 mm precision, and the resulting tomographic and 3D images are used to explain in details the condition of the mouth to the patient.Our scanner’s pictures are readily available just 10 MIN after being shot.
(Time required: 10 MIN)

4.Intraoral imaging

The internal condition of the mouth is recorded with a digital single-lens reflex camera. Since these pictures are taken with the mere purpose of better understanding the status of the mouth, the patient’s face and other recognizable features are left out during the process.
(Time required: 15 MIN)


With the testing results, CT scan pictures, oral examination pictures in hand, we help you understand the internal state of your mouth. Actually, our consultation methods and results interpretation are quite easy to understand. I, Dr. Omae, will explain them to you myself, so please join me in this quest.
Once you fully understand the state of your mouth and the potential issues at hand, leave it to my expert judgment to offer you the best available solutions and healing methods to resolve your problems once and for all.
Once I provide you with all relevant information, please feel free to ask any other question you want. (Time required: 90 MIN)

To book a consultation. Please call us at

Regarding the treatment agreement

At Omae Dental Office, we sign a treatment agreement with the patient when he expresses the wish to undergo treatment. In other words, we can only start the treatment after the agreement has been duly signed.

Actually, instead of signing the agreement right after the first consultation, we would rather have the patient go home and think carefully first, then when ready, contact us again to proceed with the signature of the treatment agreement.

The Office Director can be reached directly at intyou@oneday28.com or by clicking on this Contact Us mail form.

Mail form

※Please note that status of your mouth may change evolve over time. Therefore, a new consultation is required if the patient agrees to undergo treatment 6 month or more after the previous consultation.